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jobs are coming. feels like things are getting better. when news breaks out we'll break in from the fox news deck. have a great afternoon. "your world" is coming right up on the most powerful name in media. >> and you are right, shep. here's something you do not see every day. wall street celebrating good news. the kind of news that normally would worry them. because it might mean the federal reserve starts taking care of them. let it be known this is the day the market said the hell with the health. just help us with more stocks. they didn't care if ben bernanke and his likely successor takes the punch bowl away. this is the day wall street punched back and investors never looked back. >> wow. welcome everybooy, i'm neil could tattoo -- cavuto. who needs help from the feds when a good jobs report can do
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the trick. it came in the face of an employment report that was uplifting. the economy cranking out 203,000 jobs last month and the jobless rate dropping to to 7%, lower tn anyone could remember in five years. it might not be a fluke because consumers are feeling it, too. back to why this is all so weird. normally investors sell off on good news like this because it would signal the federal reserve starts helping them out and starts tapering the 85 billion bucks a month it's been flowing their way to keep interest rates low. a lot more on weather stocks stay high, but first, to mother nature, anything but hot. because fox is on top of a massive ice storm not letting up.
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icy cold temperatures ripping across a huge part of the country today. the wind chill in montana, minus 46. not much better throughout the midwest, and this arctic blast is expected to stick around for a while. no matter where you live you're likely to be hit and we're all over it with casey stiegel on the mess that is getting messier. scott in arkansas, where things are not much better. joe, on why we could all be paying for it, and lizzy mcdonald on the big chill it might finally put on holiday shopping. first, casey. >> reporter: we started our day 286,000 people across the dallas-fort worth areas were without electricity. we just check before "your world" started and that number is down to 200,000. so they're making protect but it's a slow but sure process. when you see what the crews are dealing with. this is ice. not really so much a snow event
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in north texas, but ice that fell last night, coating the trees, the streets, the sidewalks and it is created a huge mess, as you can imagine. as you drive around you see this. because you know, once that ice accumulates on the tree branches, it gets so heavy, it literally split this tree in half and ills now sitting on top of someone's home there, and right above us, power lines with another heavy branch resting on them. that's what they're up against. not just an issue in north texas look at this video to the north of us out of oklahoma city. more of a snow event there, and really causing a world of hurt on the roads. people stranded in ditches, people having to get out and push disabled vehicles in the ice. several inches of snow falling around the downtown oklahoma city area, and south of oklahoma city, and the news only really gets worse, as we're going to remain below freezing throughout the entire regs of the weekend,
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so all of the junk, all of the stuff on the roads, likely go going to stay. neil, it was 80 degrees in dfw just two days ago. a pretty big difference. >> amazing. i know folks are going to get some pretty bad colds. arkansas, , too feeling the brunt of the snow. scott is -- has the latest. >> reporter: live here in jonesboro, arkansas, an our or so north northwest of the city of memphis, and we have been through all morning, through this afternoon, and started around the freezing mark, at 32 degrees, marsh a degree higher, and it start with rain but slowly but surely the temperatures started dropping, and guess what, the rain turned into freezing rain, then sleet, and then a snowy mix. roads here, well, some of them are impassable but a lot of folks heeded the warnings and stayed off the streets. let's get back to the storm that started where casey was at, and
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started moving in an easterly northeasterly direction. one person was killed today when a tree struck his trailer. just about 85 miles north and west of little rock, arkansas, in polk county. and another person was killed and it's being blamed on the wintery weather yesterday right here in arkansas. i talked with -- there's about 11,000 people all across the state that don't have power right now, 11,000. they're also telling me they're getting assistance from other states, other municipalities, about 5,000 strong, coming in to arkansas to help restore power. now, let's go south to the city of memphis, from where i am standing right now. there they're dealing with major ice problems. powerlines down. 4,000 people without power. but it's hoped to be restored incredibly soon. back to you.
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scott, thank you very much. in the meantime, the chief meteorologist is tracking the path of the storm very closely. rick, what are you finding out? >> kind of two pieces. one is the old air in place and then there's the ice, rain, snow part across the south. this isn't a storm. this is just solidly cold air. it's an arctic high pressure that hays moved down across the u.s. and winds across the rockies, the eastern slopes and it's cold. feels like minus 37 in glasgow, and temperatures are into the 20s right here across this line. see the pink? that's where we have freezing rain and sleet. the freezing rain causes the worst of the problems because of the power outages and you can't drive and it gets paralyzing. so we're seeing power outages and snow on the road. snow to the north and rain to the south and this system is going to pull out, move into the northeast, and then tomorrow
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night not that bad across the northeast. look at what happens. temperatures behind this, neil, tomorrow, 4:00 in the afternoon, and it's only 25 degrees in dallas. so have the ice across the roads. there's no sun melt. the sun angle is low enough, not melting it off quickly, and temperatures are going to remain very, very, very cold. across the west. this isn't just a northern plains and southern part of the country. tonight, another very cold night. think about all the agriculture here, the crops produced across california and arizona and a lot of those areas seeing very cold temperatures, and the next storm brings snow. we need moisture in california. we'll take it. good snow, maybe up to three feet around the lake tthoe area, but that brings more problems by the time we get towards sunday with the rain and the icy mix. >> thank you very much. if you're not in the path of this beast, you don't have to worry about anything? weather guy says this could hit you in the wallet no matter where you live.
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explain, joe. >> well, it slaps your face and picks your pock. this -- picks your pocket. you brought up an interesting point around thanksgiving, what does this cold mean later on. weather turns cold around thanksgiving and december, and what is going on with natural gas, so much sentiments to get off to a warm start, natural gas has rallied and should pull back because the southland will let up, but heating oil, the northeast, people are thinking, cold for a week or ten days, enough it's mild. guess what. it's coming gangbusters and the problem is canada will remain frigid. even if the southern united states warms up, the colored is right at the doorstep so meteorologists are trying to stay a step ahead to anticipate
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where prices are going. this stuff is back and forth. part of a bigger picture that could lead to the same kind of bottlenecking we saw last winter where prices went through the roof because people were saying, it's not going to be cold, and then the cold keeps coming comid coming like the energizer bunny. >> people tend to forget the natural gas, heating all, all trade as commodities and trade on the perception or the fear that they'll either be effected in short supply or demand will height '. so we could be looking at some higher utility bills here. >> we have already had a big rise in natural gas. it's not like crude oil. crude oil goes up 20's, natural gas goes up that much, people say that's not that big a deal. but when it goes up further it's problem. got to create electricity from something, and if you're paying that kind of -- paying that for the natural gas, it's going to keep heading up. this is a very interesting winter and one that i'm sure
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rick will tell you has a lot of interesting twists to it and getting off to a quicker start than last year and the year before. >> it's hard to shop until you drop if the temperatures really drop. lizzy mcdonald on that in new york. >> neil, here's the deal. already retailers are up against a six-day shorter holiday season and what the word on the street is, what we're watching closely, whether or not this deep chill, ice freeze, will stop shoppers from going out to the stores and then will leave retailers with a lot of merchandise they have to heavily discount or dump on to their online web sites. we saw this happen in 2008, 2010, and the spring this year and last year. the discounting starts to begin. we're hearing mixed reports on discounts already. the retail -- they're not giving out the coupons some discounts
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that they have. wal-mart not changing their forecast, macy's not changing their forecast. the fear now is will the shoppers stay indoors, not shop. will the retailers have to dump that merchandize on to the online sites and will shoppers see better discounts in the days coming up to christmas. one thing, neil, another caveat. the online guys, the online crowd, it's also worried with the deep freeze, that stops the shipping of that merchandize, puts a deep freeze on the trucks going out to deliver online merchandize. so we'll watch this one closely. back to you, neil. >> do they fear that that's what happened, if people sense that, my item isn't going to make it on time to whoever i'm sending it to they don't bother shopping at all? >> there is a fear. we saw that happen in 2011. we saw that come up in the sec filings for the online retailers, there were worries that shipments might not come out due to when there's a deep storm. we also saw in the hurricane
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>> son of a glitch again! you hear about the latest one? officials are admitting the healthcare web site is turning out one error for every ten transactions. that's a lot of bad information going to lots of folks. not good. >> this refers to the 834 forms that is supposed to send to insurance companies so they know who they're enrolling. wants to know your demographics and family size. so if an insurer is getting bad information, come january 1st january 1st when you want to go to the doctor you might find
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out you're not actually covered. >> is the glitch the information was not relayed properly or never got to the insurance company. >> seems the glitch is the next is not being relayed properly. compared to back in october this is one in every four forms that were being sent from to insurers, had bad information. so not as bad but still not good. >> but you make the assumption once it leaves the screen you have accurately filled out the form, you're signed up. you're saying that's not the says. >> it's not the says, and all about convenience. if i'm signing up online i hope once i click enter and my premium is paid, because that's how enrollment is defined by you paying your premium. >> is that clear on the site, you pay and you're part of it. if you don't, you're not. >> yes. >> so now back to your generation, hopelessly misguided. you're impatient and a lot of you are logging off because you look around, yeah, yeah, yeah,
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and you leave. >> the harvard study fund that less than a third of millenials ages 18 to 34 will sign up for coverage if their uninsured. so i think that while apathy may be involved in high premium prices may be involved, at step one, we expect technology to function function. it's unacceptable. >> you just leave? >> you may have to wait if you go to >> i'll wait. put them on speaker phone if only on the phone. your generation won't? >> i spoke with tech experts today that said when you build a web site, it has to look good and work quickly and wok across platforms. if you go to put you in a waiting room, 50,000 users at a time. >> do they pipe in music? >> i'm sure there's bad music involved. kidding. but a get your documents together and enter a an e-mail address and get a reminder to
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come back later. but if i'm a millenial, which i am, and i spoke to young people, they may not come back because they're impatient expect technology to work quickly. >> how many of them who have the patience to go through this go on site and say, this is not such a good deal. i've waited around for this and discovered it really wasn't worth the wait. >> that's an issue. people say the premiums are high, and we have seen the numbers. i you're young and eligible for a subsidy it may work well but if the cost is too high and you're on the fence and the wednesday is not working, you'll probably log off. >> we say this, young people are the glue for this thing to stick. right? >> they are. >> not enough young people sign up. it falls apart. >> premiums will be skewed. maybe not in 2014 but definitely in 2015. analysts say you need young people in keep costs down for older, left healthy people that are now -- >> it's very clear your generation is selfish and
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doesn't care. >> come on. >> okay. who is going to take care of me? now that the economy is humming, more like not quite humming. why is nancy pelosi still talking jobless benefits. hasn't she been looking at something better going on, i don't know, jobs. ♪ ♪ nothing says, "you're my #1 copilot," like a milk-bone biscuit. ♪ say it with milk-bone. as your life changes, fidelity is there
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>> take a look at that. the unemployment rate has not been this low in five years. a lot of nuances in this and the better than expected 203,000 jobs added to the economy. here's what makes it remarkable today. wall street liked the news. normally it sells off on good news for fear the federal reserve will take the punch bowl away. >> there's a large part of money
1:23 pm
in the market because the fed has been, quote, adom dative. making stocks the only investment out there. the last six months we have seen rotation from bonds to stocks. not massive but people have put money in the stock market. i think what we're seeing is sort of the rally baton actually going from this federally, on some people's accounts -- i think there's legitimate parts, corporate earnings, a lot -- and to maybe a u.s. centric or u.s. economic part of it because the u.s. economy has been the weakest part, the weakest part of the rally. what usually happens there's usually a gulf there when the transition is being made. people in it for the feds dump stocks and then you'll go down and then start to rebound. that depends happen today but could happen monday. >> what are we to make of the marks reaction today? good news is good news. now we can argue about how good a report this was. obviously they pounced on it and
1:24 pm
didn't sell off for fear the fed was going to do some party-pooping. >> well, neil, charles is right. for the last three and a half years the market respond to the federal reserve. more booze in the purpose bowl, the market goes higher. talk about taking it away, talking about slowing down the stimulus program, the market reacts. this year as the interest rate mick tour has become more 0 and more of a question mark as the federal reserve boards starts to talk about tapering, the market has been ultra sensitive to that until the last few weeks. we have soon interest rates start to inch up. today over 2.9%. >> normally that happens when the economy is picking up. >> it means the economy is getting a little bit better and we're gifting a little closer to taper. we can argue whether that's december or march as to when the federal reserve board starts to
1:25 pm
slow down the program but we're getting closer. what the market is saying, you know, i think we can absorb this, and that's good news. that would mean the market is returning to normalcy, and the economy will have a good impact on the market. stocks will celebrate better jobs and a better economy instead of only reacting to the federal reserve board. and this could be a game-changer for the market for a while. as long as interest rates don't go up too far, too fast, i think we can get back to good news being good news, and that's the kind of market i like to see. >> charles, we should get the note to nancy pelosi because she is talking up the need for extending jobless benefits and all of that in the face of more jobs. i think watching her focus on the jobs and don't have to worry about the benefits. >> as we get more and more people coming off the jobless benefits. they're going back into the job market. what's happening? more jobs are being created. and it's the exact opposite of what we're being -- what they're
1:26 pm
preaching in washington, which is a defeatest attitude. they don't believe in the american. doesn't mean crutches and aides. let people come back into the job market, confidence is what this is all about. that will spark a real recovery. unlimited unemployment benefits 50, million people on food stamps. that's nutty. you can do the math and talk the multiplier effect, that's not what north america was built on. people will eventual he find a job. >> if interest rate goes up, guess what happens? the spreads improve for banks. guess what happens when their spreads improve? might start lending again, and if you see -- >> spread the cost of their money and loaning it out. >> when interest rate goes up, banks can make a little more money on lending, and it may be that the federal reserve board program hat have kept interest rates so low have prevented
1:27 pm
these banks from being profitable on lending. so if interest rate goes up and they can make a little profit on their loans, maybe they'll lend more money out. more money spent on property, plant, equipment and that means job. it could be the market is responding to interest rates going up in a positive way because they see that will encourage more risk-taking into the economy. >> thank you both very much. mentioning nancy. did harry just dig up a dirty mess for his party? after this. life with crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis is a daily game of "what if's". what if my abdominal pain and cramps come back? what if the plane gets delayed? what if i can't hide my symptoms? what if? but what ithe most important question is the one you're not asking? what if the underlying cause of your symptoms is damaging inflammation? for help getting the answers you need, talk to your doctor and visit to get your complimentary q&a book, with information from experts on your condition.
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>> you can keep your insurance. problem is we did not pull the bill into effect that way and there have been three changes on anyone's policy since them. it's not the same policy. >> what? harry reid's explanation, has you scratching your head, you're not alone. the town's katy is not getting it or buying it either. katy, i had no idea what he meant but i sended some backtracking there. >> just a little bit. what? here's the problem with this. the white house and administration relaunched this massive public relations campaign this week, trying to get the public opinion of obamacare back. it's very low. people are unhappy and people don't trust the president. the issue is, when you have
1:32 pm
people like harry reid, even the white house going out and saying you can still keep your plan, what the president said was true when he said, quote, if you like your plan, you can keep it, period, what he said was still true. they're telling five million people and families who got a letter in the mail, cancellation alert for their insurance, they're wrong and mistaken whether they're plan was cancelled because of obamacare. they can't get the public's opinion back on obama own kaz unless -- obamacare unless they're honest and harry reid is continuing the lie. >> we have this digital something -- >> we have a way to go back and fine out what they said. and what they're saying now is not what they said then. i guess this comes back to the credibility going forward. i do see a lot of prominent democrats who pushed this doing a little hiney covering here, and some of them are even out of the senate now, ben nelson was on the show the other day saying
1:33 pm
we did relay to the white house everytime we heard the president talking about, if you want your health plan, you can keep your plan, keep your doctor, irasked them did that go directly to the president? i don't know. but clearly those who had their hands on this are now sort of taking their hands off this. it's a mess. >> it is a mess. they're still doing it in a very dishonest way. you have democrats trying to run away from this because they're worried about the 2014 elections. let's not forget this was a double lie. so not only do you have the president saying that people can keep their health insurance plans they wanted to and obamacare can't change that you. had the senate and the congress voting, democrats voting against an amendment in 2009 that would have allowed people to keep their plans. so for them to now backtrack and say, well, we never said that, and the president -- we tried to convey to him that wasn't the case. they had an opportunity to fix this years ago and they're not doing it and they're not doing it now either, and they can't
1:34 pm
fix it unless they're willing to be honest and say, we lied to you, which is what they did, and we're sorry, but this is the way it is now, and it's the law, to quote in the white house. >> covering fannies. should say, we goofed. it would be stating the obvious, but too late for that. all right. very good seeing you again. thank you. >> good to see you. >> in the fight of her life but mary lan drew says she does not regret the vote that could end her political life. >> the affordable care act, the bill itself, has very good concepts and i would support it again, but that doesn't excuse the poor rollout of what should have happened. >> what's going on here? this shifting, pointing fingers, frank has been following this so other democrats might not be so sure and confident. what are we to make of this. >> make that she should not be using the phrase, got good concept. is it a good concept when the doctor says i'm going to abandon
1:35 pm
my patients because i simple. my am not being reembersed? it is a good concept when the insurance companies are saying we can't put people back on their plans after they changed? is it a good concept? when you're actually threatening medicare and medicaid? i don't understand why the democrats don't simply say, what the american people want, look the public straight in the eye and say, we had the right idea and we did it wrong, we're sorry, we are apologize. without the apology the public feels there is no accountability, which former speaker pelosi refuses to accept responsibility for the legislation. no account ability and no common sense, why people are angry in washington. >> the administration has been arguing as much, as bill clinton said -- a lot of the kinks worked out or -- i frankly --
1:36 pm
the tsunami to come with corporate bosses when they have to kick in and decide if they kick a lot of people out. they hope and trust that more ultimately are proven to benefit and not, and that does decide this thing's fate. how many more benefit than don't. >> we have been paying for this for the last few years. we're paying higher taxes as a result and we have seen nothing in response. you're telling young people, they can still on their parents' plan, guaranteeing no limits for preexisting conditions. that costs money. and this administration -- >> it wasn't told that. yes, you had all the goodies and told it would not affect you paying more when we knew then and you and i talked about it then, you don't get something for nothing. now the reality is -- >> hell hath no furry like a voter scorned. the administration overpromised, underdelivered, people are realizing they can't afford it, even if they can get on to the
1:37 pm
system, which still 10% can't, and i'm waiting for the republicansed to create an ad that saturday 90% of you are going to be okay. but for the other 10%, it's like an airline ad. 90% of our flights land safely. 90% of the people can get their healthcare but the other 10% cannot. it's a mess. and until the public is told, we made a mistake, we're sorry, we're going to go back and do it right, then the anger that mary lan landrieu is in trouble, she is a fine senator, the incumbent in alaska is in trouble. if the republicans recapture the senate it will not be because of their success. it will be because of democrats' unwillingness to accept accountability for this legislation. >> wow. frank, great seeing you again. >> thank you. >> well, so focused on this healthcare mess, we're missing on even bigger mess? how congress is playing just
1:38 pm
like a magician and making billions of our dollars go right down something. ♪ ♪ oh, oh, oh, it's magic. ♪ understand my charts, and spend more time trading. their quick trade bar lets my account follow me online so i can react in real-time. plus, my local scottrade office is there to help. because they know i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. i'm with scottrade. (announcer) ranked highest in investor satisfaction with self-directed services by j.d. power and associates.
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we interrupt this healthcare saga to remind you, ain't the only saga. while we are all distracted over syringes, guess what washington is set to stick us with, more taxes. vince has been digging into the details. say it isn't so. what's happening? >> there's definitely more taxes on the horizon for sure. looking at 2014 at the individual mandate, and in 2014 a lot of people will be paying $90 if they don't have health insurance. two years later that number will get up to $700 and go to skyrocket if you make at least a
1:42 pm
minimum threshold of income. so that tax is coming for sure. additionally, if you're a small business and you made some capital investments this year, you were getting a nice little tax deduction. starting next year your taxes will shoot up. if you make new product purchases to sustain your business, the government is raising your taxes and that is coming in 2014 and that's going to be the cbo says that's going to account for half of all new revenue next year. so, businesses are going to take it very hard starting -- >> they're at least 14 other ancillary fees going in, airline security fees, transportation fees and that's going to hit a lot of people no matter where they are in the income range. right? >> that's right. absolutely. and right now, you have senator patty murray and representative paul ryan, who have been squirreled away -- everyone has been distracted with other issues but these two lawmakers have been negotiating the budget deal for next year, and in washington, when things are quiet, that usually means something is happening, and in this case it definitely is
1:43 pm
happening. both paul ryan and senator patty murray have called for a 100% fee increase for airline security fees. so, you can pretty much guarantee you'll see a secure fee increase on your airline ticket next year. >> saying in of the other things that democrats want to do as far as revenues, closing loopholes, which would be a tax hike. watch very closely, vince. thank you. >> sure. >> in the meantime, compromise your dignity but get the skinny on sales. apple has it, a new technology that is like a gps for inside apple stores, only this one follows you long after you have left the store. so me thinks you're downloading a whole lot of big brother to go with those great big sales, and our guru says this is the future, but be awake. what is this all about, jeremy? they entice you with being up to
1:44 pm
date on the latest sales but what's the bad stuff? >> the downside is there are certainly a lot of privacy implications, but there's a benefit as well. new technology is a pro and con. the pro is we can get sales -- some deals. i if you're walking past a certain iphone table with a display of a new 5f that says if you buy this right now you get $10 off, that's something i would pay for. >> is that happening in the store? when i go outside the store it's telling me or just inside the store? >> exactly. this is precisely just for inside the store to precisely locate where you are. you hear to first download this app and then turn on the app and say i'm willing to let apple track me. >> do they track you when they -- you leave the storage. >> just within the store. >> so privacy groups worrying to much or big brother getting too big? >> apple has done a good job, i think, setting up limitations on
1:45 pm
what this can do. you raise a good point. a lot of other technologies that do this and other companies interested in this. most of retail is very surous. nordstrom in may fessed up they were doing this. they said they just wanted to watch where people are walking in their store. >> i remember that. >> that gets me concerned. i don't want them tracking me without telling me. so a lot of reasons for us to be concerned here. apple's technology seems fairly safe at present, though. >> well, it's all about squeezing more dollars out, right, and finding a way, if your inclined to buy one item and then you're reminded they're another item that goes with that on sale, even amazon does that, you might want to buy this. so, how is that different than that? >> that's exactly what it is. a lot of other ways to use this. you're in the zoo and walk up to a lion cage and a thing could pop up and say hires information below the lions, 0 information
1:46 pm
on paintings. so delivery has potential but a if they're tracking where we're going ex-particularly in retail locations, you were by the lingerie sand for 20 minutes, what's up with that, and that kind of information. >> jeremy, very, very good. i was going to use my velvet matador references. but you beat me. thank you. >> phone fights on at&t shareholders want to know what kind of customer information the company is sharing with the nsa. but the telecom giant saying no way. who is right? >> stacy schneider says at&t is. attorney remy disagrees. what do you make of thii? they're just saying what, at&t? >> they're saying that we do not have an obligation to shareholders to tell them everytime we comply with a government subpoena. they're just following the law. they're following a normal course of don -- conduct for a corporation and transparency is
1:47 pm
the issue. they have to be legally transparent to the shareholders, but by saying we complied with another government subpoena, we followed the law again, it's not -- they don't have to do that. >> a lot of other companies have been part of this don't do that. >> right. the issue here is not whether or not the government gets to know where we are, who do we call, and every single phone data that at&t complies. that's a separate issue. the question is, if you are a consumer of at&t, or if you are a shareholder, here the shareholders own more than $500 million of at&t, they're saying, we want to know what of our personal information are you giving to the government? what of our personal phone -- >> what if they're sworn to secrecy? >> they're not. that's the point. >> wait. i disagree there. >> the national security -- remember when verizon said we
1:48 pm
couldn't sty veil. that. >> they're not sworn to secrecy. the transspare is what is the nsa asking for and what are they turning over? if there's need 0 not to divulge specific information, a court would impose a protective order, some sort of redaction if it's at the actual data itself. or the request -- >> don't act like a lawyer here. seriously would there be a responsibility to say, all right, just been called to get some information to the nsa. we thought you should know. we felt we would comply with the government's request. kind of had to comply with the government's request. hope you understand we just invaded your privacy. have a nice day. >> as a courtesy, sure, it would be fine for a them to do that. >> just made that up. i had no idea that was a good -- >> we have to take into account here is the nsa has its own court and its own judges, and most of what they do is in secrecy. >> and they are intimidating. i grant you. why can't the companies then say, well, you know, sometimes
1:49 pm
we're all -- >> let's keep in mind, most companies are telling its shareholders, the nsa is asking for this and we have to comply with the law and we're turning it over. why at&t is telling its customers and shareholders, we're complying with the law but don't ask us what they've requested for us and don't ask us what we're sharing? >> is that what share saying? >> exactly the issue here. >> well, they're -- >> yahoo!, google, they're complying and informing they're shareholders -- not all the time. >> i think that corporations, when they're complying as a matter of course with any kind of government information, any kind of standard conduct, they don't raise the flag and say, share holders, this is what we're doing inch this particular case, it's not to at&t's advantage as a company on a whole everytime they're complying with an nsa subpoena that is offensive to the public to say, we're complying -- >> a bit of arrogance to it.
1:50 pm
can't be bothered. >> could have been better. >> that's shareholders own an incredible value in the company. they have a right to know what's being disclosed, inflames the government is saying you can't tell them, and we don't know. >> you just they do, we just don't know. >> there goes the country. all right, well, have any of you had it with anchors who think they're superheroes? anyway, how about anchors who have learned some super lessons, particularly this week? hi, i'm terry and i have diabetic nerve pain.
1:51 pm
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it's hard to describe, because you have a numbness, but yet you have the pain like thousands of needles sticking in your foot. it was progressively getting worse, and at that point i knew i had to do something. once i started taking the lyrica the pain started subsiding. [ male announcer ] it's known that diabetes damages nerves. lyrica is fda approved to treat diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is not for everyone. it may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, changes in eyesight including blurry vision, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling, or skin sores from diabetes. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica.
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don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. ask your doctor about lyrica today. it's specific treatment for diabetic nerve pain. finally, did i ever tell you how focused tv types are on themselves? it's true, we are.
1:54 pm
we are forever eyeing each other. we like colleagues, we don't. we've been practically hyperventilating over the firing or whatever the heck you call it at another network. suddenly, saying, what does this mean for me? back to me. fortunately, i don't get caught up in this self-absorption because i haam a very modest gu one of qualities i most admire about myself. you won't see me acting like a big old star, putting his name in the title of his shows or doing animations like he's some superhero single-handedly saving the country. not this person, not this prompter reader, pal. i hate to an mitt this on hair, but a lot of us ain't much more than -- well, air, hot air, we read a prompter for a living. we're not opening up brains for staffs who look
1:55 pm
after us. and cater to us. even dress us and primp us. that fella on the left makes tea for us. me at least. for bosses who, through all of this, pay us a lot. there's no magic to what we do. you would think the world stops and starts at our electronic doorstep. fox news alert. it doesn't. we're lucky. bottom line, we're very, very lucky. lucky to talk tt some fascinating people and sometimes just think all right we're just as fascinating people. we're not. i'm not. i know this might surprise you but i did not get here on my good looks. thank the good lord for my job every day. to make a point, we tv anchors are not the point, we are not the end all and be all. we're not bad people. we do obsess about ourselves. my dad used to say, neil, stay humble because in your case, it will come in handy.
1:56 pm
he is right. he's my anchor. those words are my anchor. it's a pleasure to serve you. to try and inform you, engage you, rattle you, get a chuckle out of you. that's it. forgive us our self-absorbed sins for we know not what we do, only that some of us thing what we do matters in the great scheme of things. without you watching, we'd lose all these things, the prompter, the pay, the fancy clothes, the fancy party, the tea, the tea. it is good when we hear about a colleague that loses a glamorous job. not for the colleague but it tunes us into the reality of the countless thousands who have lost more. it does make some of us think and some of us thank our lucky stars that some of you are kind enough to even think we are stars. you know, i just might right that down. i might just put it in the prompter myself for all of us to read. but first, let me fix this one
1:57 pm
hair that's slightly out of place. perfect. good night. so ally bank has a raise your rate cd that wothat's correct.a rate. cause i'm really nervous about getting trapped. why's that? uh, mark? go get help! i have my reasons. look, you don't have to feel trapped with our raise your rate cd. if our rate on this cd goes up, yours can too. oh that sounds nice. don't feel trapped with the ally raise your rate cd. ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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hello, everyone, i'm kimberly guifoyle along with dana per ringy, eric bolling and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." a jam packed show tonight. president obama pushing redistribution. the brutal knockout game. and bob's annual christmas lights. it's all coming your way. first, nelson mandela will be laid to rest in south africa on december 15th. president and mrs. obama will be there to pay their respects. fox's ed henry just wrapped

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